Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mike Curtis on the New Red

Today Red announced 8 (yes, EIGHT) new cameras. Sensors range from 2/3” to 186x56mm (yep, that’s 7 1/3 by 2 1/5 INCHES), with resolutions from 3K to 28K, with prices from $2500 to $55,000 for the “brains” of the units (more on that below). Incredibly modular to a Legos or Erector Set degree. There’s a HUGE amount of information up on Red’s website here, but after the jump I’ve organized/summarized, have some analysis, and answers to questions not found on their site. Continues after the jump....

Click here for the rest of the article at Pro Video Coalition.

High quality YouTube video hack

You may have noticed that the video of Burn-E I embedded looked a bit better than a normal YouTube video. YouTube has been quietly offering high-quality versions of some of their videos for quite some time via a "watch in high quality" link just underneath the player. It's not HD, but it's definitely an upgrade of YouTube's legendarily crappy video quality. By default all videos on YouTube and embedded on other sites load at normal quality, but there's a way to set your default viewing quality to high, link to high quality video, embed HQ video, and even save HQ videos for later viewing.

Click here for more from Kottke dot org.

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