Friday, January 13, 2006

Gathering and Editing Video in Final Cut Pro has published a sample chapter from Apple Pro Training Series: Optimizing Your Final Cut Pro System, from Peachpit Press.

Click here to give it a test drive.

Info on Intel Chips in Your New Mac

In June 2005, Steve Jobs announced that the Mac would be leaving the PowerPC chip behind for a new generation of Mac systems based on processors made by Intel. For longtime Mac users, that announcement was a psychological shock—half of the former Wintel “evil empire” was now playing on our team. And for Mac developers, the announcement was like the shot from a starting gun: it was time to begin the race to make their programs compatible with Intel processors.

Click here to read more at MacWorld.

Upgrading to Universal

If you already own Final Cut Studio 1.0, Aperture, or Logic Pro 7.1, these applications are not supported to run on Intel-based Macs with Rosetta, but a Universal version will be available for $49. Logic Express will be $29.

If you own a Final Cut Studio application that used to be available individually, you can upgrade to Final Cut Studio for these prices:
Final Cut Pro 5 $99
DVD Studio Pro 4, Motion 2, or Soundtrack Pro $199
Final Cut Pro 4/4.5 or Production Suite $199
Final Cut Pro 1/2/3 $699

Click here for more info on Universal, Rosetta and upgrading your copy of FCP.

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