Monday, December 19, 2005

Joe's Filters for FCP and FCE!

Joe's Filters enhance and extend the abilities of Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express. The set of 33 plugins includes faster versions of Final Cut Pro effects, tools to simplify the timeline and reduce the number of tracks needed for simple effects, plus many more image processing tools requested by Final Cut Pro users. Joe's Filters work with OS X and OS 9, and all video formats supported by Final Cut Pro.

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Click here for the fully functional demo version.

Remember OS 9?

Found this too early this morning. Took me back to a frightening, old place: OS 9.
Remember it? Check out those screengrabs!

Here's a quote:
"Editing suggests a mysterious process, both mechanical and cerebral. Editing divides between mastering the mechanics of equipment and software, and mastering storytelling. When starting, people often dwell on the procedures and consider themselves to be editing when they make the machine work. Software is so complex and powerful that it seems that you have created meaning just by making the software do something. Making software work should not be confused with making an idea work. Success in editing follows from attending to the conceptualization and planning of your end product before you engage machines."

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