Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The FXScript Reference

Ever wanted to try your hand at scripting using FCPs FXScript?
Did you even know you could make your own effects in FCP?
Well, here you go:

Welcome to the FXScript Reference

It is my hope that this community-based site will encourage even more people to try their hand at creating effects with FXScript. More plugin authors will help to make Final Cut Pro the best video editing tool in the world. More users of Final Cut Pro mean more people who use plugins. Let's get this snowball rolling.

Click here .

News: Mac OS X Tiger to ship April 29

Apple on Tuesday announced the ship date for its next generation operating system, Mac OS X Tiger. The operating system, which the company says includes hundreds of enhancements, will be available to customers beginning at 6:00 pm on Friday, April 29, 2005, at special events held at the company's retail locations and authorized retailers. Pre-orders for Tiger are being taken today at the online Apple Store -- Tiger will cost US$129.

AE Tutorial - Two or Three Color Effects

We've all seen the scene in which everything is black and white except one color, but what if you wanted to have a two or even a three-color special effect? Well, this tutorial from Roland Kahlenberg at Creative Cow will show you the way.

Click here to view the tutorial.

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