Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Silverado Announces OpenCut

I wanted to extend an invitation to you to participate in OpenCut - the world's first open source film competition.

We are providing an entire set of 35mm film quality assets shot on the RED ONE Digital Cinema camera--including all video, audio, as well as storyboards and scripts. OpenCut will provide the material, and entrants will provide the editorial.

We are kicking off OpenCut with a short subject called "Susannah" which was directed by Evan Nicholas and executive produced by Joe Carnahan of "Smokin' Aces" and "NARC."

Entrants to the competition register at and then send a blank hard drive to OpenCut. Our film personnel will transfer 170 Gb of RED ONE material along with supporting media to the hard drive.

At a set date, all hard drives are shipped back to the contestants. They have 30 days to complete their cut including all color correction, audio fixes, and anything that would need to be accomplished for a completed project.

At the end of the competition, all finished entries are uploaded to VUZE which is generously hosting files in HD for all entrants.

Judging will take place through July 6th and a winner is announced on July 7th.

The winner of OpenCut will receive a prize package from Silverado Systems including a brand new AJA IO HD. Further, the winning editor will be listed as the official "editor-of-record" at IMDB and the winning short will be submitted to film festivals around the country throughout 2008. We will also be finishing the winning entry on SCRATCH in native 4k resolution.

Click here for more information on OpenCut.

Sponsored by Silverado
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