Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jeremy Coon at CinemaTech

Jeremy Coon, Producer of Napoleon Dynamite, talks about his most recent project and Final Cut Pro:

"On `The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang' we cut on FinalCut Pro (like `Napoleon'), using off-the-shelf software and hardware from Apple for a total cost of about $8000. That wasn't possible really even five years ago . . . "

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South Park Turns to Apple for New Storage Setup

To handle its growing storage needs, the makers of South Park this past season began moving away from a direct-attached disk backup and tape library that often took more than a day to back up data. Instead, the show’s producers are changing over to a faster tape library system and disk systems that later this month will blossom into a full storage-area network (SAN).

Click here to read more at Macworld. Click here to read more about Apple's Xsan.

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