Friday, October 27, 2006

HDforIndies - Fincher's Zodiac

Zodiac is probably the first all digital, completely tapeless major motion picture production. This article has details on what, why, and how they did their production.

Considering an all digital production? Read this. I'm not saying much here, but I consider this a MUST read for anyone considering a heavy digital production.

Click here for HDforIndies.

HDforIndies - Sonnet shipping $130 eSATA card for MacBook Pro laptops

"I've used quite a bit of Sonnet kit, I like it, I like it a lot, this is good news for indies. Also, this pops to mind in terms of having hotswap drive enclosures for in-the-field P2 backup - you could even do RAID 1 sets for mirrored for data redundancy protection. Unless this product is an aberration from Sonnet's usual quality, I'd be inclined to recommend it sight unseen."

Click here for Mike Curtis' link at HD for Indies.


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The Production Assistant's Pocket Handbook

Want to work on a Hollywood movie? The Production Assistant's Pocket Handbook is a PDF document you can download and print out for easy referral. Simply print out the pages, fold in half, and carry it around with you when needed.

Click here to download from No End Press.

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