Tuesday, June 13, 2006

HD for Indies - Bunch o' News 'n Stuff

For those of you who haven't yet seen Mike Curtis' excellent blog, HDforIndies, here's a great link to a recent posting about, guesss what, News N Stuff.


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Studio Daily on An Inconvenient Truth

Talk about your multi-format projects -- An Inconvenient Truth has so many visual personalities it's dizzying. The core of the film is Al Gore's traveling presentation on global warming, which was captured during a four-camera HDCAM shoot. That throughline is broken up with short interstitial documentary pieces dealing with Gore's life off the lecture circuit (including that whole President-of-the-United-States thing a few years back) that were shot by director Davis Guggenheim on a panoply of different formats, from Super 8 and 16mm to HDV and MiniDV. We asked Guggenheim and editor Dan Swietlik to talk about pulling the project together.

Click here to read Bryant Frazer's article at Studio Daily.

Digital Cinema Desktop in Final Cut Pro

Although this setup works for any video format, it can be particularly useful when editing high definition video that would otherwise require a fairly expensive HD monitor. Progressive video formats such as 720p are well suited for monitoring on a computer display. If you are doing critical online editing or color correction, you may still want to use an external CRT video monitor, especially when your final output is interlaced broadcast video.

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