Saturday, August 13, 2005

CHIMERA Digital Video Student Film Contest

CHIMERA DV Student Short Film Contest – Deadline: November 1
Winners will be announced by November 20 and all entries will broadcast online. You need to be either attending a college or high School, or your film had to have been made during that time. Films submitted may not exceed five minutes in length and 75 MB.

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International Family Film Festival

September 22-29, Edwards/Regal Entertainment Group Cinemas
Santa Clarita Filmmakers and screenwriters are able to attend the festival to see their work on screen or being read professionally. Film distributors, agents, investors, producers, directors and film enthusiasts attend the festival to experience new and fresh film products and to be the first to see these premiering films and to meet the creators “up close and personal”.
Contact: (661) 257-3131,

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Final Cut Pro Quick Tip #52

Export FCP Chapter Markers to iDVD
By Stephen Schleicher

Chapter markers should be a requirement for every DVD created. While the motion picture industry has been using them for years, those doing wedding videos, corporate, or training videos can increase interactivity and customer satisfaction. After going through these steps, you’ll smack yourself on the head and cry, “Why haven’t I been doing this all along!?” In this Final Cut Pro Quick Tip, Stephen Schleicher shows how easy it is to use chapter markers in iDVD.

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Automatic Duck Pro Import AE 3.0 Final Cut Pro to After Effects in a snap

Those companies that have multiple apps allow you to easily migrate from one to another, but what if you need to go from Apple’s Final Cut Pro to Adobe’s After Effects ? Or any of the Avid NLEs to After Effects ? Until Automatic Duck came along there wasn’t much you could do short of sticking red hot pokers in your eyes. Pro Import AE makes working between these applications a joy

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