Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ken Stone Reviews "The Art of Encoding Using Compressor" DVD

Ripple Training's Brian Gary has authored an excellent DVD on using Apple's Compressor. Here is an excerpt from Ken Stone's review:

'The Art of Encoding Using Compressor' covers an enormous amount of ground, starting with the most basic concepts it then, lesson by lesson, covers almost every facet of Compressor and its abilities. This tutorial is broken down into 14 chapters, shown below, then each chapter is broken down into smaller lessons. The chapters in this tutorial are of two types. 'Quickstart', which is intended to introduce you to the process and get you up and running quickly and 'Advanced' which delves more deeply into the subject matter with more detailed information.

Getting Started
iDVD Quickstart
Compressor Quickstart
Web/CD ROM Quickstart
Jobs and Batches
Advanced DVD Encoding
Dolby 2.0 Encoding
HD DVD Encoding
24P to DVD Workflow
Advanced Web and CD-ROM Encoding
Low Bit Rate DVD and VCDs
Advanced Format Conversion
Watermarks and Overlays
Using Droplets

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Wikipedia Movie Making Manual

I posted Wikipedia links a few weeks ago for Final Cut Pro and just found the Wikipedia Movie Making Manual.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of editing:

"Editing is the process of choosing which picture and sounds will go into the finished film. Initially this includes picking what is good and what is bad, removing the poor material and putting it into script order. Later it also includes the creation and control of moments that may or may not have been intended during the shoot (see below)."

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